What is a pure cremation?

Not keen on a traditional cremation service? These conventional cremations can be easily substituted for a direct cremation from Stockman & Loram. This type of cremation, also known as a “pure cremation,” will take place with no traditional funeral service alongside it. It’s a simple alternative to the traditional funeral format, that gives you the freedom to say goodbye in a way that respects the preferences of your loved ones.


Some families may decide to host a wake at a later date after a simple cremation has taken place, or you may wish to organise an informal gathering in order to scatter your loved one’s ashes. As such, we believe this cremation option is ideal for those who don’t require a formal service. If you’re looking for a straightforward funeral arrangement that appeals to your preferences, then this may be the best option for you – please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about direct cremation.


How much is a direct cremation?

Worried about direct cremation costs? It is important to be aware that while many national providers charge extra for returning the ashes to the family and for deaths that occur at home, Stockman & Loram can provide a direct cremation starting at £1,650 subject to our terms and conditions.

A Simple Graphic For Low-Cost Funerals
A Bright Graphic For Simple No-Fuss Funerals

Please bear in mind that this is a limited service and does not benefit from our full support. However, we can provide comprehensive guidance relating to:

    • Moving the deceased into our care
    • Arranging the necessary paperwork with the doctor or coroner for cremation
  • Organising the necessary paperwork and providing advice to you regarding the registration of the death including how to get death certificates
  • Caring for the deceased in our chapel of rest in a simple cremation coffin
  • Staff and a suitable vehicle to convey the deceased to the crematorium at our discretion
  • Return of the cremated remains in a simple container (other options available)


  • No provision to hold any type of gathering or service
  • The cremation is at the venue, date and time of our choice
  • There is no cortege and no attendance at the crematorium
  • We kindly request full payment and the completion of all forms prior to carrying out a direct cremation.


Many other companies offer direct cremation services, but you won’t find the same care and attention to detail we offer here at Stockman & Loram. We always treat the deceased with respect and dignity. We are more than happy to visit you in person to discuss your cremation plans, as we understand this can be easier than doing everything by phone or post. We also allow some additional items to be chosen, whereas most national providers do not. For funeral directors Paignton, opt for Stockam & Loram.