MuchLoved donation platform

Welcome to Stockman & Loram’s platform for charitable donations.  We use to process all charitable donations, who not only handle donations in line with all relevant legislation, they are also able to claim GiftAid for the charities from your donation if applicable.


MuchLoved deduct a 3.2% transaction fee which includes all development and administration of the donation processing service as well as the full Gift Aid reclaim process. This enables MuchLoved to run and support the donation facility on a not-for-profit basis, with our transaction fee considerably cheaper than that of other suppliers such as JustGiving.

There is also a 1.25% payment card fee deducted by the card processor, which is the same as for any other online transaction. There is no other fee or deduction.


Generally charities receive more money through this platform than by traditional methods, as we were unable to claim GiftAid on any donations, whereas MuchLoved can.

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Comprehensive pre payment funeral plans

Pre-payment funeral plans can help your family be prepared for your passing. Stockman & Loram can provide you with a range of options including both set and bespoke plans. Our experienced and professional funeral directors can come to you and discuss our pre-payment funeral plans. There is no obligation and no fee for our time. We provide this service throughout Paignton, Torbay, Teignbridge and the South Hams. Many national providers do not cover some of the most critical aspects of a funeral and national policies are very vague. With Stockman & Loram, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that everything has been arranged and paid for in advance.

Green Burial Funeral Plans

Our Green Burial Funeral Plans are effectively bespoke as there are many options to think about. We include a commemorative tree planting from The Woodland Trust with each green burial funeral plan. We do recommend that you include;

  • Stockman & Loram professional fees
  • Moving the deceased into our care 24/7
  • Hearse required for the service
  • Staff required for the service
  • Advice and support of the funeral director
  • Guidance on documentation required
  • Family viewing if requested at any time
  • Contribution towards third party burial costs

Other things to include

  • Coffin selection
  • Printed orders of service
  • Cars for mourners
  • Cremated remains urns
  • Cremation Jewellery
  • Weekend funeral allowance
  • Any additional services
  • Memorial Stone costs

Direct Cremation Plan

A Direct Cremation is a simple alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. A Direct Cremation Funeral Plan guarantees to cover our charges for a simple unattended cremation, with no formal service taking place whatsoever.

  • Stockman & Loram professional fees
  • Basic cremation coffin
  • Moving the deceased into our care 24/7
  • Vehicle for the cremation and necessary staff
  • Guidance on documentation required
  • Contribution towards an unattended cremation fee

Please note that a Direct Cremation is the most basic option and does not include the usual support and service that we provide our families with. There is no choice on the venue or date of the cremation, no viewing is permitted and all appointments to complete the paperwork must be carried out in our premises within normal working hours.

Other things you can add

  • Cremated remains urns
  • Cremation Jewellery
  • Fingerprint Jewellery

Bespoke Plans

Many people feel that a set plan is not suitable for their wishes. We offer a bespoke service to tailor the funeral plan to cover your specific needs. This may reflect the location of the funeral, the coffin type, number of vehicles or choices of music or charity donations. Contact us for more information.


Bespoke Funeral plans allow you to

  • Choose the exact details of the funeral
  • Choose the type of Coffin
  • Choose how many Limousines (or none)
  • Choose to include additional services
  • Make you requests known (Music, Donations etc)
  • Include an Urn for your ashes if Cremation
  • Put in money for catering, flowers, obituary notices etc

Take care of your family

By arranging a pre-payment funeral, you can ensure that your funeral will be run as you wish. Pre-payment funerals also lock in the costs of our services, saving your family money and stress. By making your decisions in advance, you will only pay for the services that you choose. Unlike national funeral providers, Stockman & Loram is a family owned and operated funeral home with deep local connections throughout Paignton and the surrounding areas. We have the experience and the knowledge to give you the right advice about which funeral plan will best suit you.

Why choose pre-payment funeral plans?

  • Remove uncertainty for your family
  • Save your loved ones time, money and stress
  • Make your own arrangements
  • Ensure your wishes are adhered to
  • Guarantee costs
  • Get professional advice today
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