We are always keen to provide families with a clear and easy to understand estimate of the likely funeral costs. Being a family run business we are not forced to offer set packages and all our services are bespoke, however you may find the guide prices below helpful.

We are more than happy to meet with you with no obligation to talk through your requirements either at our premises or in your own home. We do feel that being able to speak about things in detail is very important for you and your family and you should feel comfortable that the funeral will be handled with care and respect.


No two funerals are the same

And no two funeral directors are the same either.
At Stockman & Loram, our prices include many of the funeral elements that other providers add on as extras.
To help you compare like-for-like, here’s our guide to pricing.

Add-ons, extras or included as standard?

With Stockman & Loram you benefit from

  • One of our experienced funeral directors looking after you with complete continuity.
  • We take care of getting all the necessary paperwork from medical professionals quickly and will chase this for you to enable the arrangements to progress smoothly.
  • We will move your loved one into our care as soon as we can on completion of the necessary medical paperwork.
  • The option of making the arrangements in our offices or at your own home.
  • Care of your loved one in our premises and Chapel of Rest.
  • Dignified care of the deceased irrespective of whether viewing is requested.
  • No additional charge for us bringing your loved one into our care out of hours.
  • Collecting clothing locally and running other funeral related errands on your behalf.
  • Editing photographs for the order of service (removing backgrounds & other people)
  • Family viewing at any time by appointment including weekends at no additional charge
  • Use of our Service Chapels
  • Additional staff to make the funeral run smoothly e.g. setting up Church, graveside etc
  • Delivery of ashes locally
  • Online memorial & donation page
  • Access to specialist bereavement support through SAIFcare

With other funeral directors you may be limited

  • Having to choose packages that cost a lot more just to have a particular item / service eg Wicker Coffin.
  • Inexperienced ‘arranger’ staff at the point of discussions with a stranger ‘funeral director’ on the day – no continuity at all
  • Very little or no chasing or help with completion of the necessary paperwork – often left to you (reactive). This can cause unnecessary delays – How are you supposed to chase Doctors when you don’t know who/how the system works?
  • Most national companies will not start acting until they have been paid.
  • Most national companies store all their deceased in a regional ‘hub’, not at the local Chapel of Rest.
  • Unless you pay for viewing, often your loved will not be treated in the same manner as they would otherwise.
  • Additional charges, or no option for services outside 9-5
  • Putting the pressure on you to get everything together in time for the service, limited assistance with the additional parts of the service and no support with anything not included in the package.
  • Providing the bare minimum in terms of staffing, rather than providing the necessary level for the best service.

Funerals reflect a life lived and the personality of the deceased. There is no limit to how you can personalise a send-off whether that’s in the ceremony, use of materials, music or style of event. We encourage families to lean on our extensive experience and explore the possibilities – it costs nothing to have a conversation.

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