Create a lasting memorial

Stockman & Loram funeral directors offer families a wide choice of burial memorials and cremated remains urns, including ashes into glass, cremation jewellery, a range of ashes scattering and water / sea urns and caskets and memorial fingerprint jewellery. We also offer a wide range of bespoke items and can engrave some of the memorial cremated remains items for that extra special memento.

If you wish to discuss any of our range please speak with one of our team on 01803 882385

Urns, keepsakes and scattering tubes

Scattering the ashes of a loved one in a favourite or special location has become commonplace nowadays, due to the rise in cremation over burial preference. Our range of picture scattering tubes make this task more comfortable and can be personalised to reflect the life of the departed if you wish.


Some families also choose to retain a small amount of the ashes in a keepsake urn, perhaps to scatter elsewhere, or to have for other memorial items such as ashes into glass at a later date.


If you wish to keep the ashes more permanently, we offer a wide range of brass urns in a variety of styles and colours and a range of wooden caskets. Again, if you would like to discuss anything more personal and perhaps a bespoke item, please contact our team at Stockman & Loram. We will give you all the support and guidance you need to make the right choice when selecting a fitting memorial for your loved one. Contact us today or visit our funeral directors in Paignton an Brixham for more information.

scatter ashes at sea

Scattering Ashes at Sea

Stockman & Loram funeral directors are expertly placed to help families who wish to scatter ashes at sea. The Sea Urn is hand-crafted from sustainably produced, biodegradable paper. When placed in water they float briefly then sink to the bottom, where they break down naturally over time. Stockman & Loram can make all the necessary arrangements and documentation required to scatter ashes at sea. Please contact our offices on 01803 882385 for further advice.

Lasting funeral memorials

  • Wooden ashes caskets
  • Keepsake urns with boxes
  • Large memorial urns
  • Companion sets
  • Cremation jewellery
  • Scattering tubes
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