Family Run for Four Generations

Stockman & Loram have a proud reputation of offering the highest levels of service to families

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Our family and our staff choose to do this job because we care deeply about families. We care that you successfully arrange a send-off that’s just right based on what’s important to you and your loved ones. Our can-do attitude and adaptability means we are able to offer bespoke and meaningful choices. Our team offer experience, patience, time and a lot of understanding. Which is why compassion for bereaved families is our number one value.


This applies both to the deceased and also the family they leave behind. From the first time someone comes into our care, we treat them with the same respect we’d apply to our own family. And for those left behind, we ensure that you can lean on our experience, have the time, space and support to arrange the funeral you really want, not one that you have to have.


We’re transparent about what’s involved in a funeral and also how much it will cost. We don’t add fees to third party costs, no upselling, no hidden extras, no surprises. We don’t charge extra for viewings, using our Service Chapels, out-of-hours removals or for any extra staff needed on the day. Delivering the highest standards of service is what matters to us: ensuring you get the support you need and earning your trust along the way.


Our dedication sets us apart too. From offering a single point of contact throughout the arrangements, rather than a split team or a call centre.  We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. And the little things we do such as picking up clothing, delivering ashes, returning jewellery and other valuables. After the funeral, we don’t stop caring. Families can access our complimentary bereavement support through our partnership with SAIFcare.

Each funeral is unique. Every funeral is special.

Stockman & Loram is here for you when you need us the most.

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