Helping you to make plans for the future

A simple funeral doesn’t need to be austere or severe. Our simple funeral plans will be conducted with all the care, dignity, respect and attention to detail you would expect from our experienced funeral directors. Stockman & Loram is the largest independent funeral service in the Paignton, Torbay, Exeter and Dartmoor area. We have been helping families plan and arrange funerals for over four generations. We guarantee to offer you all the advice, support and assistance you need in making plans for the future.

Simple solutions for your funeral

Many people wish to have a simple funeral without a lot of fuss or ceremony. Stockman & Loram is one of the most respected family run funeral homes in the Paignton area. You can choose from a range of simple funeral plans. These plans include contributions towards third-party costs, including a hearse for transport to the nearest crematorium, medical fees for cremation certificates, minister and officiant fees and the costs of cremation.

What our simple funeral plans include:

  • Our funeral director’s services
  • All essential funeral arrangements
  • Advice on certification and registration of death
  • Transport to the funeral director’s premises (within a 25-mile radius)
  • Care of the deceased until cremation
  • A simple coffin
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